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Here at Colorado Pinball, we take our pinball very seriously and we are proud of the service we provide. Over the years, we have developed many techniques and procedures that we believe will make your pinball machine look the best it can be.

In addition to servicing our own machines for sale, we also have folks from all over Colorado bring their games up to us for service. We will service your game regardless of where you got it.

The term shopped is used widely in the pinball industry but there are no standards to define what a shopped pinball machine really is. Our methods for service may be better defined as restoration than simply shopped. Following is a list of the things we do on every machine during our full service treatment...

If we perform full service on the machine, we also include a 30 day Warranty on the electronic modules (circuit boards) in the machine. This Warranty does NOT include the display and does not apply to games built before 1990.

Full Service includes the following,

Playfield taken apart, cleaned, polished and waxed
All upper playfield parts cleaned and polished
Bolts, nuts and other small hardware machine polished for 2 days minimum
Ramps heat polished
Playfield reassembled with new light bulbs and rubber
Balls replaced
Cabinet cleaned and vacuumed
Backglass cleaned and polished
Underplayfield lights replaced and lenses cleaned
Backbox board cleaned and lights replaced
Minor problems repaired
Batteries replaced
Battery holder replaced as needed
General illumination connectors checked and replaced as needed
New instruction and price cards included (if available)
Extra lights shipped with game
New leg bolts
Game play tested
30 day mail in warranty on electronic modules

Service Options

Full service $400 - $650 (depending on game and amount of work involved)

New Legs $85-100 (per set, chrome, black and brass available)

Game Manual $25-40

Game Schematics $25-40

Slingshot Plastics $30-40 (per set) *

Playfield Glass (tempered) $80-120

Translite Glass (tempered) $55

US Coin Door with coin mechs $200 (installed)

Mylar removal $150-400

Cabinet decal installation $450-650 (NOT INCLUDING THE ARTWORK)

Playfield swaps (includes full service, supply your own playfield) $900-1300

 Other work not listed $50 per hour

Please note the above prices are in addition to any service and shipping charges already listed

* New slingshot plastics are not available on all machines.


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